Call for Participation

Important Dates 🔥

Proposals for Python Week of Code: This week-long event is a facilitated and planned set of tutorials, but we are most welcoming to proposals and experienced Python people who would be interested in coaching.

The following Call for Proposals focuses on Week 2: Data Science School.

Overview 🧐

We invite African students (bachelor/master/PhD ?) to participate in the First Malawi Data Science School 2021 sponsored by ACM SIGKDD and ?, hosted at Mzuzu University in Malawi.

The mission of the school is to provide a stimulating and safe environment, where students can collaborate between them and with lecturers. The school aims at attracting and sustaining students of diverse backgrounds in the field of data science and to support students in their career.

The target audience (adjust w.r.t. comment above) is students in Computer Science, ICT, and related fields, from the bachelor and master degrees from MZUNI and other universities in Malawi, but students from other countries in Africa and PhD students will be welcome.

The school will offer lectures and labs on data science: the Python week will provide the students with the basic prerequisites on Python programming and the usage of libraries to process, visualize and analyse data; the data science week will focus on fundamentals of machine learning and neural networks. We plan to invite 15 lecturers (3 per day) from universities in Malawi and neighbouring countries.

Program 📚


Location 🌈

(This might change)

Mzuzu University (MZUNI) is the second national university in Malawi by enactment, with a student population of almost 10,000 and a faculty size of 500 academics, both projected to double by 2030. ICT and Mathematical Sciences are among the key areas of MZUNI’s academic agenda. Data Science and Health Informatics are among the latest programmes to be added to MZUNI’s offers.

Mzuzu City is in the northern region of Malawi and is the third largest urban centre after Lilongwe and Blantyre. Mzuzu enjoys proximity to refreshing places. Lake Malawi with beautiful beaches is only 49 km away. Vwaza Game Reserve and Nyika National Park are close safari spots.


Reuben Moyo, Mzuzu University, Malawi Stanley Ndebvu, Mzuzu University, Malawi Michael Zimba, Mzuzu University, Malawi Benjamin Balder Bach, FAIR Danmark, Denmark Martin Dybdal, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Maria Maistro, University of Copenhagen, Denmark